Tips for Training Newer Hairstylists

10 tips for training new hairstylists on your team

1. Start with the basics: Teach them the fundamentals of hair cutting and styling, including techniques
and terminology

2. Practice makes perfect: Have them practice on mannequins or volunteers to build their confidence and skill set.

3. Encourage creativity: Allow them to experiment with different styles and techniques to develop their
own unique style.

4. Emphasize client communication: Teach them how to communicate effectively with clients to
understand their needs and desires.

5. Stress the importance of sanitation: Make sure they understand proper sanitation and hygiene
practices to prevent the spread of germs and infections.

6. Build a strong work ethic: Teach them the importance of punctuality, reliability, and professionalism in
the workplace.

7. Foster teamwork: Encourage collaboration and working together as a team to provide the best
possible service to clients.

7. Provide ongoing training: Offer continuous training and education to keep up with the latest trends and
techniques in the industry.

9. Teach business skills: Create an outline with detailed bullet points on what to learn that will cover all the
basics. This video. ” 6 Steps to grow new hairstylists ” gives a summary of what you may need.

10. Help them develop business skills such as marketing, customer service, and financial management as
part of it. Social Media basics should also be part of this as well. Help them set up their professional
hair pages and talk about what works.

Lead by example: Be a positive role model and mentor to inspire and guide them towards success in their
career as a hairstylist.

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