Holiday retail in your salon during the weirdest year ever! Top tips for Owners.

Its August 25, and I just ordered a box of Pumpkin spice munchkins to share at work. WTH? Wait… and over there is the pumpkin spice Mochaccino frozen drink. (Because in FL. It’s a heat index of 104) WHAT IS HAPPENING?!

Yep! I bought it, and I’m going to continue my holiday drink purchases because I feel so happy when I see those! It reminds me of warm fuzzy GOOD FEELINGS and I want more of that. It’s a hard time of year for many. Some salons have just reopened still, and with “rona-scare”, Zoom everything, fear, bad news, bad juju all over tv, and you pushing to stay positive, here’s a bright light!

The holidays! Blink and it will be Halloween, happy Turkey Day, ho ho ho, Happy New Year , then finally, (hopefully) a Superbowl. It’s going that fast because EVERYONE wants this year to be over.

But, shopping is different this year.

Heres my top 6 reasons why shopping will be earlier this year:

1. Apparently rumors of the post office and mail and shipping slowing and bogged down might create mail panic. Less people may wait until last minute.

2. Early holiday shopping is already happening in my salon and stores! I had two people yesterday buy my silk pillowcases for holiday presents.

3. Early shopping is WANTED by consumers. I ask my clients what their shopping plans are.

4. Shopping is more digital than ever. Get to your clients before Black Friday.

5. Shopping makes us feel good and happy to buy, and happy to give. We crave good feelings now more than ever. It also makes people feel more “back to normal”.

6. I predict consumers shopping early online and in person will blow out all records of previous years, in order to get ready for anything unexpected.

For salons (Sirens blaring!) You may miss this boat if you put your holiday out in November or even October. Look to do this is September or ASAP!

Get to the front of their mind for a place to buy a gift, hair retail, box set, holiday bundle etc.. as fast as you can with email, social media posts while you fill your salon with warm fuzzy good feelings that remind them of something normal and happy. (Even though we may all still have masks on)

This will help with staff morale, create client smiles, and hopefully meet or have increased sales from year before.

Here is 4 actions you can take now to get ready:

1. Get with your summit coach, manager, owner, Salon Centric rep, or skincare rep, to figure out with your current guest count how much you will need to stock in holiday deals on your budget.

2. Then order them asap! ( I just saw Redken’s awesome gift sets this year with 30% savings)

3. Get your decorations and retail merchandizing stuff in order and ready to go. In my salon I go elf crazy! It’s always a big hit, but also snowmen, candy canes, silver bells and balls, or whatever gets attention. You might hang bulbs, tinsel, do a tree, have candles, hang lights, etc.. Whatever it is that works, DO MORE OF THAT AND SOONER.

4. Continue to offer local drop off or curbside pick- up for your gift cards and products until Dec 24th in case someone isn’t feeling well or in quarantine.

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